Target Species: Blue Marlin

This is time to get rid of the spin rods and 24kg outfits and strap on the big golden girls.

Blue Marlin is not for the average angler - it’s for the big game addict! Blue Marlin are the most aggressive and fierce fighters out of all the billfish. We have an exceptionally good run in Exmouth with very good sizes - a small may be 200lbs (100kgs) up to the state record being 824lbs (375kgs). You can expect a few good bites every day this time of the year. It can be windy but in a luxurious 40ft. game boat you’ll have all your creature comforts. We also catch strip Marlin, sailfish, and black Marlin in the same area. Good chance of a royal slam. We recommend a minimum three days fishing. Season is September - March. Charters start at $2200.