Target Species: Black, Blue, Stripped Marlin & Sailfish

Due to the number of billfish we raise and the aggression they display when striking, Exmouth and the Ningaloo Reef has to be on of the best (perhaps THE best) billfish on fly area in Australia. 

We have raised and hooked all species, catching a black and a sail in one day alone and had some very impressive billfish on fly catches like a 80.91 lb (36.7 kg) Sailfish on 6kg tippet. Billfish on fly is our particular speciality and a sport we continue to develop as the Exmouth fishery shows endless potential. Visually this is spectacular, there is nothing quite like it! Boat goes into neutral before the cast is made. The white wash clears up and you watch as a very large fish take the fly on the surface. This just does not happen with other types of fishing. Recommended charter time is five days. Season is year round. Charters start at $2200.